Monastic Recipe

On the Big Island Hawaii rises the Lotos Buddhist Monastery, where great attention has always been payed to health and nutrition. Organic fruits and vegetables are cultivated there for the needs of the monastery. According to Buddhist tradition healthy food is cooked for the visitors. Over the years various home recipes were developed primarily conducive for the gastrointestinal tract and for a healthy skin.

moench mit papayas

One of these home recipes was a special papaya preparation, now popular under the brand name Caricol. Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim, the great dharma master of the monastery and inventor of Caricol, offered this bowel balsam daily after the meals. Franz Brenner, the later founder of the company Caricol, visited the monastery and was fascinated from the effect of this vegetal essence. It considerably contributed to his recovery. The master of the monastery explained that the papaya essence is a remedy for strengthen the root of health: the gut.

Lotus Buddhist Monastery

In addition to Caricol, which is now appreciated by many people in Europe for its beneficial effects on digestion, the master has also developed a balm for the stomach - known as Caricol Gastro.

painting Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim


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