What is caricol

What is the secret of Caricol and why is it made of papaya?

Our dynamic lifestyle implies manifold burdens effecting our digestion and wellbeing in a negative way. It is therefore all the more important to counteract those impacts with natural methods. The digestive agents of the papaya - such as Papain - help the organism to digest proteins better and more thoroughly and to dissolve food remains. This accelerates bowel movement and prevents intestinal inflammations.

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Similar to Traditional Chinese (TCM) and Ayurvedic dietetics Caricol is produced. It is essential that the papayas are harvested fully ripened. Our farmers in Sri Lanka grow the papayas organically and harvest the fruits mature when their colour has turned yellow. This is not only an immense difference in taste but also the active substances intensify thereby.

papaya feld

Caricol stimulates the bowel. This power concentrate is also an essential ingredient of our latest  creation: CariCare- organic skin care.

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